Packages in this repository are produced by a continuous integration system. The packages are subject to basic automated regression tests, but no QA is performed and it is very likely that these packages contain defects!

Support Status

RightScale provides no support for these packages in any way, and emphatically discourages their use with production workloads.

How to Install

We recommend configuring your OS package manager (apt, yum or zypper) to pull from this repository and installing RightLink packages as you would any other package. For information on configuring your OS package manager, please refer to INSTALL.rdoc in the RightLink git repository.

Base URL

The following repository paths may be appended to the base URL. You may browse the repositories' files by clicking the links below; browser-based download is not recommendedstrong> for operating systems that have a package manager, because RightLink consists of several interdependent packages whose dependencies are best resolved by a package manager.

Operating System Location
CentOS, RHEL /nightly/yum/1/el
Debian, Ubuntu /nightly/apt
SUSE Enterprise Linux /nightly/zypp/1/suse
Microsoft Windows™ /nightly/msi

Yum and zypper require an additional suffix to indicate OS release and architecture. For instance, the full path on a CentOS 6 x86-64 system would be "/yum/1/el" followed by "/6/x86_64".